The Survey

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JobLink is here to meet your educational needs.  Want to learn something?  Turn to us. How can we achieve this goal better?  Help us by answering some questions:

 1.  I am
  If an Active 1010 member, what dept?
 2.  Do you think you will be taking classes in 2012? 
  If no, please explain:

Why would you take classes? Choose as many as you wish. 

For improvement on the job  For skills to be used at home Skills for retirement
Complete a degree or certificate  Earn a side income For personal reasons
 4.  Are the class schedules convenient?
  If no, please explain:
 5.  What is the best way for us to tell you about classes?
  If none of these are good for you, please explain:
 6.  Do you know who the advocate ( Friend of JobLink) from your department is? 
 7.  When we have just a few openings to fill in a class, what is the best way to let you know about them?
 8.  If you are not on the coordinator’s email list and would like to be, please write your email address here:
 9.  If you have taken classes any time in the last 19 years, we would love to hear from you. Please share a positive experience.  If you allow us to quote you, please type in your name after your comment.